Hostel Rule

The Hostel is not a Hotel but a receptive structure at disposal of Guests for a limited period of time, which finds its fundamental value in respecting each other.
Guests have to read Hostel Rules and prices.
A guest entering the hostel legally means that he accepts thoroughly and that he shall comply with Hostel Rules, which could be modified at any time by additional notes of the management.
  1. Guests must:
    1. On arrival: report to reception to be individually registered giving a valid ID or Passport (only under 18 and members of organised groups might be exempted by the management, if they are accompanied, respectively, by those who have “paternal authority” and by group leaders) ;
    2. Occupy only the room and/or the bed assigned and its cabinet;
    3. During their stay comply with time schedule of the Hostel and co-operate actively to respect order and cleaning;
    4. On departure: give back all the keys received on arrival and leave the room under the same conditions it was on arrival, including any equipment.
  1. The hostel is open every day from 07.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. – from 11.00 p.m. to 07.00 a.m. there is personnel on duty at the reception to allow only already registered Guests in the building.
  2. Prices are available at the Reception, in the rooms and on internet
  3. Payments for the stay must be made in advance; their receipts must be taken immediately when payment is done.
  4. Should the Guest wish to extend his stay, he shall inform personnel on duty no later than 10.00 a.m. of the day immediately before the initially foreseen day of departure, in order to get information about availability of rooms or beds for the following days.
  5. Should not the Guest leave free his room and/or bed and cabinet within 10.00 a.m. of the day of departure, he shall have to pay also the fee for the following night; as consequence of the payment he will be allowed to stay, if a room or bed is available.
  6. Prospective Guests having no reservation will be accepted by reception personnel where possible according to availability and existing reservations.
  7. The Hostel shall not allow in:
    1. people without valid ID or Passport (exceptions as mentioned above at point 1 a) ;
    2. people in mental confusion or, in any case, not perfectly sober or clean.
  8. Guests are not allowed to welcome and/or host in their rooms people not registered at the reception; Guests are not allowed to enter rooms other than those assigned or other than those where their assigned beds are; Guests are not allowed to change rooms and/or beds not even temporarily.
  9. Guests must use furniture, equipments, common rooms and any other furnishings of the Hostel, as well as services involving energy consumption (water, heating and power), highly respecting all other Guests, using common sense. Should Guests cause any damage, they will have to refund it thoroughly.
  10. Guests shall behave in any place of the Hostel (indoor and outdoor) according to principles of community life and, therefore, of each other’s respect and of good manners; at the Hostel more specifically it is forbidden to:
    1. make political propaganda;
    2. use drugs of any kind, to smoke and to abuse of alcoholics;
    3. use individual and collective furniture, equipments and furnishings in an incorrect way;
    4. To let pets and any other kind of animals in.
  11. Behaviors not in accordance with the Law, with these Hostel Rules or with civil living might be reason of sending away from the Hostel, with no prejudice of legal actions by the Hostel and/or its legal representative to sue violators in criminal and/or civil court.
  12. Guests, accompanied by under 18, or leader of organised groups shall be responsible, even legally, for behavior and respect of Hostel Rules by, respectively, under 18 and members of their group .
  13. Claims or inefficiencies must be immediately reported to personnel on duty or to the management.
  14. The Hostel and his legal representative shall not be considered responsible for damages or thefts inside the Hostel, neither for accidents or wounds caused by deed or fault of Guests. At the reception a service of care of small valuables in a safe, whose keys are under exclusive management’s control at any time.

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